Frontcountry Freedom


The innovative cross country ski technology that takes you faster and farther across the winter paths so you can explore more challenging paths and climb hills with ease.

cross country skiing uphill off trails
When you’re out enjoying the winter wonderland, gliding on skis, nothing gets in the way of the moment faster than the dreaded hill. Suddenly your flow is broken as you side-step or herring bone at a snail’s pace sliding backward on steep inclines and icy snow. 
cross country ski uphill with ease

Your outdoor adventure of freedom and mindfulness is turned into one of frustration. Climbing up hills can be exhausting to tackle for the most experienced skiers. Especially on narrow trails.

Until now.

From the Yukon in northern Canada, SkiClaws let you easily and quickly climb straight up steep slopes without using a herring-bone or side-stepping manoeuvre. The claws shine best on steep inclines and in icy conditions where other traction methods fail. Providing confidence-inspiring grip, they make skiing uphill a pleasure! 

Quick and effortless to activate, SkiClaws engage and disengage on the go. There is no stopping to deal with skins or crampons. Simply put the SkiClaws on your skis and get ready to run up one side – no matter how steep or icy – and glide down the other, all without stopping.

Whether you’re looking to break free of the groomed trail, go on expeditions with a pulk, get into the back country, or even just enjoy your daily ski even more, SkiClaws will help you discover a whole new world on your cross country skis.

Ready to make the winter world your playground?

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doug hitch skiclaws cross country skiing uphill

The SkiClaws Story

The idea came to me as I was struggling to get up a steep hill in Canada’s north to get to a dream ski area.

I’ve been an avid cross country skier for over 50 years having adventured on trails all across Canada. I prided myself on getting up any hill no matter how difficult.

And then in Yellowknife, I faced an impossible climb. I was headed to a ski area that had unparalleled terrain in a stunning northern winter landscape.

doug hitch skiclaws cross country skiing uphill
To get to it, I was faced with a narrow trail up a cleft in the rock.

I tried all the techniques I had mastered to get up the trail, and just kept getting nowhere. Finally, with great frustration, I had to take off my skis and attempt to scramble up the steep ice-covered rockface while holding my skis.

That moment set my vision to create a better way – a way to be able to climb hills with ease and without having to stop skiing.
The idea of SkiClaws was born.