What is it?

The patent-pending SkiClaws device provides mechanical traction for anyone who skis uphill, including cross-country, back country or skimo (ski mountaineering) skiers. The skier may engage or disengage the claws without stopping. The skier may approach a steep hill with a narrow trail and go straight up. The skier may also use a skate boarding technique on level ground. This technique is very fast in icy conditions.

The still frame below from one of the videos shows the claws about to engage in the snow. The skier is on level ground performing the skateboard or scooter technique.

The SkiClaws do not necessarily replace wax, inset skins or full skins. The NNN BC version of SkiClaws work very well in combination with fish scales. The claws will work on steeper hills, or in icy conditions where other traction methods fail. A skier may, for instance, use wax for traction on gentle terrain, then engage the claws for steeper uphill sections. Similarly, a skier might double-pole or skate where easy, and use the claws to accelerate or ascend. Skijoring is faster where the hills are too steep or long for the dog to pull without aid. The claws are especially useful where the trail is too narrow for easy herring-boning.

Another angle from the 2017 classic version with the claws engaged.